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Song Riders

October 7th, Libbey Bowl, Ojai CA

Vaughn Montgomery

partial seed planter & waterer of bound for laurie, & her brother. blurb writer & lo-fi nitpicker. often says too much & asks for too much time. tells himself he has small goals. a lucky brother to have such a sister. also to have such friends as these, for so long, & to have such a family. “such much,” as ted said, & “enough small screws,” as uncle michael said, “papa used to say.” would like to say thank you to everyone involved for helping my sister turn the corner toward home.
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Mai BloomfieldMai Bloomfield

Born and raised in Santa Monica, Mai Bloomfield first started playing music with cello at age nine, and by 16 she was writing her own songs on guitar. Out of college, she helped start the Los Angeles-based all-female band Raining Jane, who have since released 4 albums. In 2010 they also helped launch the non-profit Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles, dedicated to empowering girls through music education. She recently released her first EP “Eclipse”, which garnered her songwriting recognition. Being a part of this event is especially important to Mai because not only does she want to make a difference in communities through music, but she too is a survivor; in 2012, Mai was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and she’s pushed on with more strength, endurance and inspiration than ever before. She hopes to show others that great things are possible, no matter what the circumstances.
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oliver cornell

the guy who was in the right place at the right time with an avocado in his pocket. santa monica native & classic drifter. another artist who’s main medium is life. a swami’s grasser & food preparer, extinct waterlog rider, & a great dad to his boys & husband to laurie. key grower of the bound for laurie wildflower. he manages to juggle much these days, & anchors his family with a cornsweet charm. no wonder he blows the harmonica so.
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david crosby

we can thank johnny gill for sometimes captaining ‘the mayan’ & for roping in such a legend.  founding member of the byrds, crosby, stills, & nash, & cpr, he also helped the world discover joni mitchell, jackson browne, & the gentle joy of songs like guinnevere & lee shore: “sunset smells of dinner.  women are calling me to end my tales, but perhaps i’ll see you the next quiet place i furl my sails.”  a california native & longtime defender of the natural world, it’s an honor to have the stoney walrus on board.
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johnny gill

he’s as californian as an orange poppy, but somehow johnny started this life’s journey in east cleveland. a boat captain who built his own houseboat, a woodworker, leprechaun, world traveler & shamalama ding donger, his knack for entertaining goes back to childhood, when his brothers would have him stick his head in a cardboard t.v. & act out the different channels while they sat back & changed him. luckily there were only 13 channels back then.
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todd hannigan

maybe there’s a theme at hand, but todd is also an alternately quiet & fiery irish-american, searching the earth & his insides for the magic blend of the wild & tame. a true musician, songster, & engineer, he’s the creator of brotheryn studios here in ojai, & probably the closest thing our circle of friends has to nick drake, if he was lucky enough to leave the rural fog of england & post up in a clear skied valley by the sea.
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jack johnson

if anyone can figure out this crazy world, it might be jack.  as competitive as he is easy going, & as mathematical as he is artistic, he seems to specialize in balance, which is another thing our culture seems low on, & which he is quietly changing.  contrary to what the cynical hipster might say, his songs help to keep alive endangered ideas like dignity, forgiveness, family, hope, & respect, & are a vital counterbalance to the self destructive stuff we’re usually sold.  mahalo to a great friend, father, & earthling.
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jeff lennon

this concert marks the world debut of one of our favorite cousins & friends, jeff lennon. already a brown belt in the genre of original motown country music, & a veteran father, mechanic, builder, & chef, jeff is truly a one man work crew. these days he’s traded in his hard working, hard playing rascal boots for the calmer, barefooted way. he writes home run songs without swinging for the fences, & is somehow a great reminder of both change & authenticity.
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mark lennon

the youngest of 13 kids, & laurie’s godfather, uncle mark has always been “thee singer,” or at least one of “theem,” in a huge family that’s full of them: the lennon brothers, the lennon sisters, venice, the ojai lennons, the branson lennons. heck, maybe even long lost john… stubbornly free, he’s always been the grown up with the most kid in him. also like john, he can sing you a new you know what!
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michael lennon

kid #11. middle name frank. also inherited a musical version of great grandpa frank’s inventive gizmo brilliance. born & stayed in venice, uncle michael is sort of the musical hub of the band, venice, & maybe even the town! a hilarious badass, if you will, on the guitar, the dancefloor, the jokebox, the fatherhood, the husbandhood, & mixing board. i hope he puts out an album of just him & his guitar some day soon. when laurie was diagnosed, he said, “this is when our family shines.”
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ted lennon

the scorpio & theo door. youngest of the ojai lennon brothers, & always an interesting read. ted decided about 13 years ago that playing music, or muse sick, would be his main job; which might explain how or why he managed to live in new york city for a few years without paying rent. a man of unique faith, philosophy, astronomy, & the moment, he also appreciates most things italian. his songs have a gentle rasta blanca mambo folk kind of feel, as does the helio-ed world around him.
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tom lennon

there’s a great big rounded pyramid of a rock in the frontyard of the lennon’s house, & it’s one of the few things as playful, as serious, & as grounded as uncle tom. whether throwing a horseshoe, fixing a tube amp, building a custom earthing instrument, or burning through the ultimate campfire song, he brings a measured whim & steady rhythm to all he does. inventor of nobel prize lyrics like “it was a gibson, better than this one. hey, i should’ve stayed in my own yard” & “ten years sober now but not all of them in a row,” eventually his songs will find their way into the grand ole opry.
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dan malloy

known more as a water rider, dan also rides a great song every now & then, & can sing the heck out of a handful of cover songs, too. he could have easily had orange colored groupies & nuclear vodka red bulls coming out his ears, but he’s stayed close to his  careful nature, & continued to search for meaning & truth in a culture that’s low on both. not unlike the guys above & below him, he drinks from an old spring.
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keith malloy

the middle malloy brother, also known more for his water riding, seems to be on a creative roll the last couple years: a bodysurfing movie, a baby girl, & a handful of country songs, to boot. maybe like dan he found himself a new england muse, or maybe it’s the water of that old spring. good with the camera, the bow & arrow, the mushpot barrel, & the shotput, keith would probably win the decathalon if we had one. there would be some serious competion, though.
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tyler turner

“what’s the meaning of enough’s enough?” it’s nice to know that in 2012, in ojai, at least, a man can be a carpenter, a teacher, & a father, without owning a cell phone, & without using his wife’s all the time, like me. he’s one of two guys i’ve mistaken for tom curren out at rincon, & the other one is tom’s brother, joe. his songs are like he is: capable, quiet, & hard to find if you’re in a rush. if you want to know more about tyler, don’t bother looking online.